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Wild Fine Art Jewellery is 100% hand-sculptured making each piece unique. WILD is a fusion of resin and other mediums forming an extremely vibrant, yet strong and hard wearing product.
Designed and produced in Port Douglas, on the far northern tropical coast of Australia by a fine artist and a graphic designer. The beauty and tactile nature of Wild Jewellery is evident in the quality of each piece.

Inspiration Wild Fine Art Jewellery products come from the natural world, in particular the diversity of life and colour from Australia’s inland areas, the vast coastline and the wet tropics.
Wild’s mission is to create art that people can physically engage with and enjoy on a more intimate level.
We know you will enjoy your experience of the Wild.

WILD Fine Art Jewellery is currently stocked in over 50 stores nationwide.
You can take advantage of our free shipping and excellent service by purchasing pieces directly from our website, or if you would like to experience the WILD before you buy, contact us for a stockist nearest you.